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Specialties include: wholistic & integrative medicine, women’s health, general & musculoskeletal health of elite athletes, child-friendly treatments & empowering children with their health care, preventive health & healthy ageing, chronic health issues, conditions that are difficult to diagnose or treat, treating other health practitioners/health conscious individuals/those needing to maintain a high level of health, working in partnership with other health professionals

Common areas treated includes: all women’s health including menopause/PMS/Polycystic ovaries/thrush, chronic tiredness including adrenal burnout/chronic fatigue, all autoimmune disorders including thyroid problems/B12 deficiency/coeliac disease, insulin resistance including blood pressure/ diabetes/ cholesterol/cardiovascular disease/weight problems, stress/depression/anxiety, musculoskeletal problems including arthritis/back problems/sciatica, stress-related conditions & mind-body connections.

Natural treatment options include: 1. prescribed treatments (vitamins, minerals, superfoods, Potassium Broth, herbs, aromatherapy, bach flowers ...), 2. self-treatment & lifestyle options (diet, exercise, relaxation, work & lifestyle changes, sun, healthy water & air, avoidance of chemicals & electro-magnetic radiation ...) & 3. hands on treatment & body-work. Often there is a range of effective treatment options & the decision is based on personal preference & practicalities.

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