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unique features
  • Dr. Welby is currently living and practicing in Los Angeles for the next two years and is available by appointment at her west Hollywood office on Thursday's and Friday's only,  from 10am to 6pm. Before your first appointment Dr. Welby need's to get your medical history. to access the required paper-work.

  • Dr Welby is also available for phone consultations &/or email consultations as a follow-up to a regular face to face consultation....or simply because she is 'geographically inconvenient' for you (ie. you live in another state or overseas from where she is located currently in Ca.) The fee structure is the same as for a regular consultation & are listed in the 'FEES section.

  • first appointments
    are usually 1 hr - 1 1/2 hrs may involve a full medical history, examination, discussion, tests/treatment/referral as appropriate, & a follow-up plan for a more comprehensive health assessment for both preventive health & medical problems, multiple complex problems, serious problems, aromatherapy/liquid herbal/ bach flower choice & preparation, or extensive discussion, please ask for a 2 hr consultation.

  • follow-up appointments
    are usually 1/2 hr - 1 hr may involve a review of test results & the response to initial treatment, followed by a more definitive diagnosis & treatment plan again for more comprehensive care ask for a 1 hr or longer appointment.

  • the health questionnaire
    save time by filling out the health questionnaire before the first appointment (request via mail or email) & having with you copies of blood tests, all medication & other treatments, & anything else you think might be helpful.

  • documentation
    a written management summary & other information handouts document each consultation. copies of blood tests & other tests are given with detailed written interpretations.




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